Top 5 Things You Need for Your Yoga Practice

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

One of the OM-mazing things about yoga is that it's for everybody and can be practiced almost everywhere - with little equipment required! Yoga is essentially about your breath - listening for and embracing it at any given moment. Yoga can be both a mental and physical workout - helping you slow down AND getting your heart rate up, sometimes called a moving meditation! We've listed the top 5 things to get the most out of your practice so you can focus on what's going on within you, rather than around you!

1. Yoga Mat - Firstly, you’ll need a mat that provides support and stability between you and whatever surface you're practicing on. Ideally, a mat that stays put and you can grip with your hands and feet without slipping - especially when you sweat. Popular brands for yoga mats are lululemon, Manduka, and Gaiam, but you can also find good quality mats at sporting good stores!

2. Fitness/Yoga Clothing - You don't need to be flexible to practice yoga, however what you wear when you practice does! Like for most workouts, you’ll need clothing that is lightweight, breathable, yet supportive, and most importantly comfortable for you to be able to flow and feel good in! Evolve Fit Wear has a nice selection of a wide variety of brands.

3. Refillable Water Bottle - Hydration is important for any type of yoga! If you're practicing at a studio, most studios have water fountains or sell water bottles. However, by having a refillable one, you can save time and money by filling up before class! And for hot yoga, an insulated bottle can help keep the water and you cool until savasana.

Aya Cuenca, Yoga Teacher at CorePower Yoga

4. Props - Props such as a block, strap, or even a towel can be great tools to deepen your practice or make a pose more accessible. Sometimes you might want a little more length or support - so think of them as extensions of your body! Usually yoga studios will provide these for you, but you if you have an at-home practice, you might want to check out Gaiam to purchase some props.

5. Patience and an open-mind! - Whether you’re coming onto your mat for the first or hundredth time, being patient with yourself and keeping an open mind is essential to your practice. New poses can be challenging, yet rewarding when you let go of expectations and judgement. Yoga is a journey of change - there are ups, downs, and maybe even upside-downs! Reminder: it's called a yoga practice, not yoga perfect!

By: Aya Cuenca, Yoga Teacher at CorePower Yoga and RGF Social Media Manager

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