The Best Ways to Get Active in Raleigh, NC

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

by Brittany Guerin, Co-Founder of Raleigh Group Fitness

Raleigh, NC is an amazing city full of energy and more events than you could ever attend. I love a good food and beer festival, but I also love activities that get me moving. Here's some ideas to get you moving in my favorite city!

1. Yoga - Yoga anyone? Good news- Raleigh has nearly twenty studios for you to choose from! If you are a beginner, Blue Lotus and Evolve Movement are great options (they have more advanced practices too). For my fitness yogi's, I love YoBa, CorePower Yoga, and Midtown Yoga. Honestly, you truly can't go wrong wherever you practice! Getting RGFx or ClassPass is a great way to explore new yoga studios to see what you like best!

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2. Live Music. Check out live music and get your dance on! Especially in the summer and fall, you can find a concert on every weekend. Some of my favorite venues are Lincoln Theatre (more intimate and gets great artists), North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA; first come first serve seats up front!), Red Hat Amphitheater (awesome amphitheater in downtown) and The Ritz (indoor spot that is bigger but not overwhelming like an arena). I use the Bandsintown app to make sure I don't miss my favorite artists!

3. Make Happy Hour Active- One of my favorite social activities is to schedule a workout class and then walk to a nearby happy hour. I've combined Flywheel Sports with Cantina 18, 110 Yoga with Living Kitchen, and Heat Studios with North Street Beer Station. Grab your friends and get your sweat AND your happy hour on!

4. Opt Outside- Movement opportunities outside are endless. Check out the Capital Area Greenway system (don't miss the route around NCMA); run clubs such as nOg Run Club, Runologie, Trophy, Big Boss, and Pelagic (click to download the free Raleigh Running Guide!); social bike rides like Benelux, Crank Arm, and Oaks and Spokes; or hit up Pullen or Lions Park for tennis, basketball, volleyball, or your sport of choice. Get your vitamin D and opt outside!

5. Healthy Communities- If you are new to Raleigh, I definitely recommend connecting with a healthy community. I belong to the Flywheel Sports and Raleigh Group Fitness community and have met some of my best friends. A lot of fitness and yoga studios have social communities you can tap into by attending events or the Meetup app has a long list to choose from!

6. Sign-up for a Race- Signing up for a race is a great way to increase movement accountability because you have a goal to hit. I'm not a runner AT ALL, but I've completed many races and even a full marathon all because my friends and I signed up. A great resource is the Runner's Guide to Raleigh to find upcoming races. Grab a group of family members, friends, or co-workers and get your group signed up!

7. Raleigh Group Fitness Xclusive- I co-founded Raleigh Group Fitness because I wanted to provide resources for people to get connected to movement opportunities in Raleigh. Through Raleigh Group Fitness Xclusive (our membership), you can meet like-minded people, come to pop-up workouts, and get amazing discounts on fitness and wellness in Raleigh and beyond! Send us an e-mail at if you need a fitness recommendation or sign-up for our e-mail list here!

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