Most Unique Group Fitness Classes in the Triangle

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Shake up your normal workout routine with these unique group fitness classes. From Goat Yoga to Trampoline classes, there’s plenty of ways to keep it fresh in The Triangle.

Aerial Silks at Cirque de Vol - This Circus Arts Studio offers a wide variety of movement classes including aerial silks for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. You’ll learn to climb, invert and slide on the aerial fabric to challenge yourself in a new way!

Adrenaline Flo at Chisel Studio - Want to defy gravity? This is a bungee class at Chisel Studio where your body is essentially connected to a bungee cord. If you’re looking for a way to let loose and laugh a lot while you sweat, this class is definitely worth a try!

Parkour at Enso Movement- Parkour is a “movement discipline aimed to develop the practitioner to be able to adapt his movement to any environment and situation.” In other words, this class takes you outside of your normal squats and lunges, and gets you moving in tons of different ways!

Trap Yoga at Colors of Yoga - Yep, that’s right… you can practice Yoga while listening to Trap music! At Colors of Yoga Raleigh, you are encouraged to let loose, laugh, twerk, dance, sing-a-long, and just have fun!

#CLUBPRIME at Prime - Imagine you're at the club dancing your butt off... but you're hydrating with water instead of other adult beverages. We'll let your imagination take it away from here. The studio is in Durham, but worth the drive no matter where you live!

Goat Yoga - If you’re into Yoga and adventures, you’ll need to experience a Goat Yoga class! Hux Family Farm and Raleigh Goat Yoga both offer classes throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall season. Expect goats to get all up in your personal space, that’s part of the fun!

Mega Tramp at Mega Raleigh - This 45 minute trampoline class is guaranteed to boost your mood! Remember when you were a kid and you could jump for hours? Well it may not be so easy anymore… but is still super fun!

Interested in adding variety to your workout routine through our wellness community? Check out Raleigh Group Fitness Xclusive! We have created this membership to allow for people to add variety to their workout routine and meet new people, all while not breaking the bank! Hope to see you at a Pop-Up Workout soon!

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