How to Prepare for a Hot Yoga Class

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

by: Kathleen Schauer, Manager and Teacher at CorePower Yoga

I often get asked the question, “What is your workout regimen?” and truth be told, I dabble in a little bit of everything. Spin, Yoga, Strength Training, HIIT, I love it all! However, as a yoga instructor and personal trainer, I can say that hot yoga & resistance training are my go-to’s.

How to Prepare for a Hot Yoga Class

To best prepare for class, ensure that you are hydrated. You’ll want to bring your water bottle with you to class to drink throughout. You'll need a good yoga mat (lululemon is my favorite yoga mat) and a yoga towel (my favorite brand is YogiToes and they have tons of awesome patterns and colors like this one!). These are essential for enjoying a non-slip practice. For your attire, a light fitted wicking yoga tank top and shorts or pants are the way to go, just AVOID COTTON! Cotton will not be comfortable in a hot room. *Practitioner tip - I like to bring an extra bag to put my sweaty clothes in after class.*

Benefits of Hot Yoga

There is nothing quite like a hot power vinyasa practice. Contrary to popular belief, the heat in a hot yoga class is not meant to be a means of torture… There are many benefits to the heat!

  • The heat helps to prevent injury through warming-up the body quicker.

  • In a hot environment, the body releases toxins through profuse sweating, (not to mention, it feels amazing!).

  • Hot yoga is excellent for your circulation because it is a cardiovascular workout and like most types of yoga, hot yoga is very good for your lymphatic system.

After all this, why on earth would you need to add free weights/resistance training to a hot yoga class?! Well, I’ll tell you why! Without exercise, all of us lose muscle mass as we age, which can eventually result in weakness and loss of balance and coordination. Both muscular strength and muscular endurance are enhanced through resistance/free weight training. Combine that with the mental & physical benefits of hot yoga and voila.. a winning combination!

All fitness, is good fitness. For me my favorite type of workout is resistance training + hot yoga. I’d love to hear yours! Let’s connect on Instagram- @Kathleen.Schauer. You can also check out my teaching schedule here!

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