Group Fitness: Where to Start as a Beginner

Gyms and studios can be intimidating whether there is a designated grunting zone or not. Am I right? However, if you have been away from moving daily or never participated in certain fitness activities outside of your home our suggestion is to pay a visit to the studios who celebrate your current fitness level.

From Yoga to HIIT, take a look at 4 studios in Raleigh, NC that offer beginner classes that will help your debut more enjoyable :

1. Evolve Movement

Evolve Movement is a pilates studio located in Cameron Village that focuses more on connection to movement and less on the appearance of the move. This studio is inviting to those who are new to this activity or to the studio. Classes are offered from levels 1 to 3. This format helps the participant to find comfort in developing confidence in their practice while working towards leveling up at their own pace.

2. CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga offers some of the best yoga classes in town! Whether you are returning to this activity or never have spent time on the mat, this studio has a class for you. C1 is a vinyasa-style class held to introduce yogis to the foundational postures with an emphasis on movement to breath. The instructor will offer hands on assistance to ensure the safety of your practice while refining your posture. Traditionally, the class size is intimate which in turn creates a safe space for you to free flow.

3. FlowCORPS

FlowCORPS is a new high-intensity pilates studio to open its doors in Downtown Raleigh. This studio offers intimate yet vibrant classes for the seasoned pilates attendees and those who are new to the equipment. If you have any interest in attending your first class, sign-up for Flowcorp’s Free Foundation Class. During this 45 minute class, the attendees will learn how to operate the XFormer safely. The instructor will guide the class into common exercises, discuss body mechanics and alignment to connect awareness.


Level Red Boxing is an exciting new boxing club in the area. This studio not only provides a powerful workout but offers a safe space for those in the “ring” for the first time. We all have to start somewhere, right? Level Red offers 3 stages of classes that increase with duration and intensity. Beginners are encouraged to participate in the 30minute class to familiarize themselves with the flow of how the class is taught. Following the introductory, there is a 60 and 90 minutes class that will be waiting for you when you’re ready. You are in for a treat!

Starting is the hardest task to do. Find an accountability partner, a friend or family member.

Make a plan, wake up and get moving!

Want to find a community to get you moving and having fun? Head over to Raleigh Group Fitness Xclusive for all the details. You'll want to join :)

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