Fitness Spots with Childcare

Mom guilt. Dad guilt. Parent guilt. The guilt that is not necessary but comes and goes when we will feel we have fallen short. Society has portrayed parenting as something that is restricting and detrimental to your freedom, yet it is not entirely true! Of course, parenting presents its ongoing challenges but it equally presents some of the best perks! Getting out and moving every day can be a challenge for the single bachelor but add, little people and the plot thickens. Excitingly, there are 5 gyms/studios that embrace those who balance full schedules.

1. Crunch Fitness - “Kids Crunch”

Crunch is a new and vibrant gym that focuses on overall health. There is an onsite childcare for you to drop off your little ones and be free from worry while you focus on taking care of yourself.

The childcare incentive is available through specific membership and offered as an add-on for others. Pay a visit to your local Crunch to scope out their childcare area and receive additional information regarding their services.

2. 02 Fitness Club - “Kids Club”

O2 Fitness celebrates all walks of fitness. Whether you are training for your next marathon or need a moment on your mat, O2 Fitness is a great place to sweat. Childcare is offered during specific times throughout the week to eliminate an excuse for you to not workout and allow for schedule planning. Throughout the months, Kid’s Club host events that are geared for your children to celebrate the ability to move and play.

3. Burn Bootcamp - “Burn Kidz” + “Burn Elite”

Burn Bootcamp believes healthy living is not just for adults. While you sweat - your children will participate in fun activities, similarly to signature camps! In addition to the complimentary childcare services Burn Kidz is geared toward toddlers and elementary aged children and Burn Elite is for middle school athletes who are interested in being introduced to strength training. Membership pricing varies. Burn is an exceptional place for the entire family to grow and develop physically and emotional through the effects dedication.

4. Barre3 - “Play Lounge”

Whether you live in the Five Points area or find yourself in Chapel Hill, Barre3 has a place for you and your children. Barre3 believes in bringing ease to your fitness schedule while providing affordable and convenient childcare during your time in the studio. Parents who attend Barre3 find that they have become more dedicated to their barre practice because their children are being cared for. That said, it is highly recommended that you make a reservation for your little one ahead of time. Smiles, guaranteed.

5. YMCA - “Fun House” + Playhouse”

“Parents, there’s no need to feel down, I said, Parents pick yourself off the ground!”...Y-M-C-A!

The “YMCA” or The “Y” offers childcare that is staffed by the best caregivers in the city. Children will be able to make friends easily while completing a craft, playing games and spending time outside! The Y offers morning and evening care and will care for your children up to 2 hours while you complete your sweat session. The Y believes in and celebrates the large family community it brings to their members. Your children will feel right at home!

So, to the parents who feels defeated and feels their health comes second, remember the energy you carry will translate to your family. Besides, moving can be a great stress reliever! Wake up, move and then rock out your responsibilities. Your children will appreciate the selfless commitment you make to take care of you while bringing them along for the ride!

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