6 Wellness Products to Help You Relax This Summer

Wellness products are important all year round but during the summer months, it’s important to incorporate them into your routine. This summer, try these five products to help you stay cool, calm, and feeling your best self no matter what your day has in store. From skincare to hydration drinks and relaxation mats, here are your five must-have summer wellness products.

1. LiquidIV - Created with 3x the electrolytes of a traditional sports drink and five essential vitamins, this electrolyte drink mix will help you re-energize your body after a workout, time in the sun, or travels. Simply pour the flavorful drink packet into your 16 oz. water bottle to enjoy. P.S. Unlike other drink packets, this does not taste chalky!

2. Lavender Oil - Tough workout? Use a spout of lavender oil to relieve pain and inflammation as well as help you relax. The lovely scented essential oil will help you recharge in a soothing way for another workout, another day.

3. Lemongrass Mat Wash Spray - Alright Yogi’s, in the summer months it’s even more important to keep your mat fresh and clean. Better yet, use this lemongrass mat wash spray from Manduka. It’s made with organic essential oils to leave your mat clean and energizing!

4. ProSource Fit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set - Imagine the healing feeling of an acupuncture appointment right in your own home. Thousands of plastic needle points, make up the pillow and mat that will offer restoration throughout your body.

5. FRÉ Skincare- The first comprehensive skin care set for your body, specially formulated for active skin, provides women with refreshing skin after an active sweat. Products range from facial moisturizer and wash to serum and night cream to body wash and more. Not sure where to start? The retailer offers product sets to help you revive your skin in whatever way you need most. Use code "RALEIGH" for up to 50% off!

6. Love Always, Liz CBD Oil - If you are looking to relax and decrease your stress, CBD Oils are a must. We trust Love Always, Liz because she tests all of her products before they go on the market. She also launched topical products that will calm you down simply by the smell!

We wish you a calming summer! What product(s) are you most excited to try?

Disclaimer: this post is participating in affiliate sales to give Raleigh Group Fitness a small affiliate fee for any sales. It's not extra cost to you and supports our content!

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