What is RGFx?

RGFx is a community of like-minded individuals  who approach wellness through movement, nutrition and self-care.  It's a holistic approach to feeling good and being well.   Healthy starts here.


With RGFx, you'll get special access and discounts to the best fitness, nutrition and self-care businesses in Raleigh.  Monthly, quarterly and ongoing deals and experiences ensure there is ALWAYS a new and exciting RGFx offer for you to explore.     Hundreds of dollars of savings for only $14.99 a month.

RGFx Membership is a No-Brainer

"The RGFx Membership is a no-brainier. Having a membership to all of your favorite fitness studios is fiscally impossible. RGFx provides an avenue for you to have diversity in your workout regimen without breaking the bank. It is also the perfect opportunity to try something new with a supportive community! To top it all off, enjoy discounts and perks at places you already go (Happy and Hale) or services you already utilize (massages or cryotherapy)."

—  Becca, RGFx Member

What is RGFx?


Never get bored with your workouts again with our discounted class packs, drop-ins, exclusive member-only classes and special access to

RGF Pop-Up Workouts.

Try classes at Raleigh's top studios


$20 off a single class or any package.

Normally $22/class.

Members save $20.


Our members get 4 classes for $50.

Normally $100.

Members save $50.


Our members get a 10 class pack for $144


Normally $184.

Members save $40.

and more

Our members pay $15 for a drop-in.

Normally $25.

Members save $10.


Been wanting to try a new class but don't want multiple memberships? We've got you covered.

RGFx membership gives you access to over 24 of Raleigh's top studios with discounted class packs & drop-in rates. See the current list of studios here.

Want to try yoga, cycling, barre or kickboxing? Your membership will save you $100's to any and all of them.


Ready to try a new class or workout but need someone to go with?

As a member of RGFx, you get access to our private Facebook group where you can link up with a "sweat mate" and take on that new class together.

You can also meet new people at our weekly pop-up workouts and monthly socials. You're always welcome to our fitness family.



Having a membership to every studio you love is impossible. That's where RGFx comes in.

As a member, you get exclusive discounts to over 20+ studios in Raleigh.

From spinning to yoga, jump roping to kickboxing, you can save money & have fun challenging yourself with something new.

"RGFx has so much variety each month!

Before joining, I spent some time in overwhelm - knowing that I wanted to participate in exercise classes/events outside of the yoga studio though not knowing what was really available...and then not having anyone that I knew to participate with me. 


RGFx really removes that factor altogether - from having multiple and diverse events (think jump roping class to kick boxing), there really is something for everyone.


Also, RGFx is not only an exercise group, we are truly a family supporting one another through our own individual journies."

- Jenny

What is RGFx?


Never go it alone again.


With RGFx Membership, you get access to our pop-up group workouts & sweat mate community. That way, you always have someone to get fit with and meet your health goals.


Every month, RGF holds special pop-up workouts all around town, keeping things fun, different & bringing our fit fam together.

RGFx members get access for free or at steep discounts.

See our current list of pop-ups coming up here.


We believe wellness includes beloning to a community & tribe that supports you.

As a member of RGFx, you get access to our private Facebook group where you can link up with a "sweat mate" and take on that new class that you've been dying to try.



Sometimes it's tough to meet new people who share a healthy mindset.

Not anymore.

At our pop-up workouts (and socials), you can make new friends and join the RGFx Framily.

What is RGFx?


Wellness doesn't just include exercise. That's why we have your pass to Raleigh's best nutrition & self-care spots.

Get discounts at your favorite healthy spots


10% off total order.

Members save 10% off total order.


$99 for 2 60-minute massages

$20 cryotherapy (regular $45)

Members save $$$


Our members get 15% off any salad, wrap or bowl.

Members save 15%

and more

Our members get 15% off consultation & coaching services.

Members save $$$.

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